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SBFC participates in various leagues throughout San Diego county.
Men’s 11 a side in the San Diego County Soccer League, Women’s 11 a
side in the Peninsula Womens Soccer League. Mens and Coed 6 a side in
the San Diego Six at JCC league. In addition, SBFC has teams at nearly
every arena league in San Diego.
The league fees usually range from $260 for return players and $
295 for new players per season. The league fees cover registration,
players card, referee fees, franchise fees, practice fees, insurance,
and a full Adidas or comparable uniform.
The league fees are typically due 2-3 weeks after tryouts.  For 2016/2017 season this was August 28th.
Try-out for 2017/2018 season are on July 30th and August 6th .

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For the San Diego County Soccer League, there are usually 18 league
games and 1 tournament. Typically the season starts in October and end
in April with games on Sundays.
Commitment and attendance vary by team and level of play. The more
advanced and competitive teams expect at least 75 percent attendance
while rec teams usually have much more flexibility.
Ages vary form 18 to mid-40’s dependent on the level of play. We
are expecting to build older age based teams in the very near future.

If you have any other questions, please email us using the form below

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